SC telecon 2019/08/22


+ ESA meeting of Oct 14 (discussed last time but no particpant was on)

+ Anything to discuss for Munich F2F?

– Any news from CNES?

– Updates on Costing?

– Performance team (action on Ludo to define charge)

– Updates on IMO, DM and JSG

– Public page to advertise LB on European site.


Present: Paolo, Francesco, Eiichiro, Giampaolo, Ludo, Erminia, Ingunn

Paolo, Eiichiro, Erminia, Giampaolo, Fracesco, Ludo, Enrique, Ingunn

ESA meeting of Oct 14 (discussed last time but no particpant was on)

CNES not present. Nor Fabio or Fredreric Safa. Really a pity. Not very useful. Nice opportunity to get exchange of ideas to Martin Linder. Passed messages. Task sharing diagram transmitted. Basis of discussion for future. Good that kink with Anjamaria and Martin is active. Anechoic cryogenic chamber at ESA. Designed for future experiment (Juice will be first). Good candidate for LiteBIRD.

Separate issue from CSL. Either we go to CSL or ESA. We don’t go both. We could still go to CSL for something else, not anechoic cryogenic calibration. The facility should be ready by 2021 at 4 K version. By next year 80 K version should be year for Juice. Only near field measurement, so they have machinery to reconstruct the far field from near field.


Proposal for ESA contributing to optical measurement. Peter De Maart not happy about refractive solution. Possible to re-open the baseline. Not immediate goal. Try to understand the limitation.


Point of costing addressed. Work in progress. Not distributed to ESA. Martin Linde OK with this. We understood that 50 million is strong cost cap for single mission of opportunity, not shared for more mission. But historically 20 has been the maximum allowed. Unlikely however to fund above 20 million, but it is case by case point.


How to involve UKSA. They need to know if UKSA can commit. Once CNES has decided to commit ESA could join the mission of opportunity. UKSA could then decide to join.


CNes leads MoO…

CNES internal review on the 7th of October. Long silence. Finally met the director of orbital system dpt at CNES. Pascal Danto was not allowed to say anything. CNES will decide in the coming weeks. Technical recommendation spelled out in the Oct 7th meeting. Non-blocking to commitment. Revieweing involvement at national level. Will have to make a choice and want to know if the mission is scientifically supported at the level of the French community.

F2F meeting.

Costing need to make exercise. ESA does not care about costing as long as space agency cover it. Ludo wants to keep costing exercise alive.  Data center box to be clarified.

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