SC telecon 28-09-2021

Present: Paolo, Francesco, Erminia, Eiichiro, Ludo, Peter, Gao, Enrique

Apologies: Jon, Matthieu

– Updates: 

            – Detector studies, if any news

            – Final version of PO document for site

            – Spanish CDTI grant 

– New LB members

– SGS taskforce (if any news)

– Planning of meetings (including S2S, PO, …)


– Choose a notetaker for the day

– Approval of minutes of last telecon

Approved 7 Sept. 14 Sept will be approved next time.

– Detector studies, if any news

UK (Peter/Gao): No significant update. Stafford writing documentation.

Francesco: preparing matrix with all tasks to do. Synthetic compendium of activities that we believe are to be done. Delivery of documentation expected by end of the year.

Paolo: same matrix as UK? FP: almost, reconstructed from memory/notes, since never got the actual matrix from Statford.

Brief interaction would be useful between Ital and UK, in particular w/ Statford. Peter will try to arrange this. Gao agrees since Oct 6 meeting is organized by ESA. Coordination is important. A/I on Pete for this.

Francesco: ESA never committed in supporting the mission but they are interested in supporting technological development.

Ludo: Goal of meeting is to present results to Thierry and PO. Global managing is still under CNES responsibility and the choice between various options needs to be managed by/ together with CNES.

Erminia: Who will choose between Italian and UK recipes? How will they come to terms?

Ludo: UK and Italian solutions are different. They have different impact.

Paolo: Thierry to send PO document. Promised by end of week.

Enrique on CDTI: PO asked for two Spanish positions subsystem level. Spain a proposal to Ludo and Thierry. Shared between IFCA and IAC. P. Casas and José Javier Díaz García

(not yet a member of LB). EMG would like to understand the difference between system architects and project manager. Name: housekeeping electronics. Spain also wants to cover thermometers, harness and control. Ludo: Control is assigned to thermal architect. Spain will contribute. For the other points we need to understand. ENG wants to know when the PO meets. Not on LB calendar. Proposal: P. Casas will be system architect. Xavier will take the other role. Need to discuss in more detail.

New members: José Javier Díaz García is approved by the SC. There is no need to request an opinion to conveners because he will join the PO in a well specified role. It is known that Thierry strongly supports this. Paolo will send his proposal to the LiteBIRD MB.

Global telecon: EMG to provide info about CDTI grant. Update about det studies and 2K ADR. Pete: say that we nearly done with the study. We can say that no show stopper. Peter to prepare one slide to provide updates without providing the outcome. However, the telecon may be postponed in view of the S2S in two weeks. Ludo will talk to Masashi about this.

No OB.

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