Minutes of the Kick-off Steering Committee-SC meeting of the LiteBIRD-Europe Consortium – 6th of March 2018

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Minutes of the Kick-off Steering Committee-SC meeting of the LiteBIRD-Europe Consortium - 6th of March 2018
The SC meeting has been held today, the 6<sup>th</sup> of March 2018, with the following agenda: <ol> <li>Communications</li> <li>Phase-A Governance Structure document;</li> <li>Update on the CDF Study;</li> <li>Forthcoming LiteBIRD-Europe meeting;</li> <li>AOB.</li> </ol> To the meeting participated: <ol> <li>Erminia Calabrese</li> <li>Paolo de Bernardis</li> <li>Jian-Rong Gao</li> <li>Eiichiro Komatsu</li> <li>Ludovic Montier</li> <li>Giampaolo Pisano</li> <li>Nicola Vittorio</li> </ol> while: <ul> <li>Enrique Martinez-Gonzalez</li> <li>Radek Stompor</li> <li>Ingunn Kathrine Wehus</li> </ul> were absent. <em><u>1. Communications</u></em> The presentations of the Turin meeting are now available (only for the LiteBIRD External Collaborators) at <a href="https://www.litebird-europe.eu/turin-meeting-slides">https://www.litebird-europe.eu/turin-meeting-slides</a>. <em><u> 2. Phase-A Governance Structure document</u></em> It has been presented the new version of the document with minor changes with respect to the text circulated by email on March the 1st. There is the urgency of regulating how new members can join the Consortium, also because of the CDF Study strict schedule. It has been agreed that the document will be circulated again today to the SC members, asking for a formal approval by Thursday, March the 8th.<em> </em> 3<em><u>. Update on the CDF Study</u></em> Ludovic Montier gave an update on the CDF Study. He reported the results of a telecon with Paolo De Bernardis, Giampaolo Pisano, Martin Linder and himself to organise the planning of the CDF sessions. Martin Linder should shortly circulate the final planning of the CDF Study, the first set of the proposed people on ESA side and the dates of the CDF Study sessions at ESTEC. Ludovic Montier presented the updated version of the technical team. The names of the responsibles and deputies must be communicated to ESA by Friday, March the 9th. Concerning the Optics sub-system there was the proposal by Ludovic Montier and Giampaolo Pisano to actively involve people from Maynooth University. They have good expertise with ESA and they were involved in the optical design for the CORE proposal. It has been agreed to delegate Giampaolo Pisano to formally contact the Maynooth people to explore their availability to actively participate to the CDF Study. After having verified this, Paolo De Bernardis, Giampaolo Pisano and Ludovic Montier will propose the leader and deputy of the Optics sub-system to be presented at ESA and they will communicate the names to the SC for a formal approval. Ludovic Montier communicated the need of preparing a presentation for the next KO CDF meeting. Nicola Vittorio proposed to organise a Wiki page for uploading all the material relevant for the CDF Study and will circulate the relative information as soon as possible. <em><u>4. Forthcoming LiteBIRD-Europe meeting </u></em> It has been discussed the opportunity of having in Munich one week working meeting with the goal of gathering together instrumentalists and members of the Foreground and Systematics JSGs. Eiichiro Komatsu suggested to exploit the week of April the 23th. A formal decision about this point will be taken in a forthcoming SC meeting.

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