SC telecon 7-12-2021

Present: Paolo, Eiichiro, Matt, Ludo, Erminia, Francesco

Apologies: Hans Kristian, Jon, Enrique


  • Choose a notetaker for the day
  • Approval of minutes of last telecons
  • News from agencies, if any. Reply from Favata?
  • Report from PO & task sharing of MHFT FP design, integration, testing
  • Selection of 2-3 Europeans for IGB SGS task force
  • New members
  • European meeting (Tenerife, Week 7-11 February)
  • AOB

Note: short meeting due to two overlapping meeting with Cardiff, organized by the MHFT project office

Approval of previous minutes: not discussed due to low attendance

News from agencies: no reply from Favata. Ludo to send a Reminder

Selection of members for EU task force: Ludo is EU ex officio member. All national representatives should think about “volunteers” for European members of the SGS task force with the following constraints:
1) Europe should have at least two members in the task force (excluding the European ex officio member, i.e. Ludo). We agreed to ask for a third one. The task has six members in total, plus three ex officio.
2) We said the SC may  propose three or four members to IGB, with priority ranking.
3) We agreed that senior members, with experience of SGS models from other missions, as well as knowledge of LiteBIRD governance and policies would be preferable over younger members with less experience and know how.

New member: Alessandro Novelli approved. Paolo to send all approved proposals to membership board. Three new French proposals, will be discussed next time.

No other item discussed