SC telecon 30-11-2021

Present: Paolo, Erminia, Eiichiro, Gao, Matthieu Hans Kristian

Apologies: Ludo, Francesco, Thierry, Pete for project office meeting + Enrique


– Choose a notetaker for the day
– Approval of minutes of last telecons

– News from agencies, if any
– New members 

– European meeting (Tenerife, Week 7-11 February)

Paolo takes note. Minutes 16/11 approved.

No news from agencies. No reply from Favata so far. We will wait another week.

New members: Giacomo Galloni, Artem Basyrov, Nils Ole Stutzer approved, can be sent to MB. Still awaiting from Calib JSG reply for Alessandro Novelli. Hans Kristian is interacting with Kostas Tassis about greek proposals.

European meeting not discussed, awaiting feedback from PO.