SC telecon 30-03-2021

Minutes ESC 30/03/2021

Present: Paolo, Erminia, Francesco, Thierry, Ludo, Eiichiro, Gao, Pete

– Choose a notetaker for the day


– Approval of minutes of last calls, including digest for ESA

Next week we will approve notes from 23/03/2021 telecon

Minutes from Ludo about Favata meeting: approved. Ludo will distribute them to the ESC and the participants. Notes from 16/03/2021 and 09/03/2021 telecons approved

– Updates: 

– Agency meeting called by JAXA on 26 March

Thierry: Masaki Fujimoto presented the letter sent by Adrian saying wait because of the decadal survey. Favata says this is unacceptable and means no to the technological transfer. He wants the US team out of the MHFT and Europe should develop the detectors. He considers that the US team has not the expertise for the space detectors. He does not want to re-negotiate with the US team. He is consistent with his previous position. Masashi proposes to negotiate with the US team and wait for the result of the feasibility studies. But Fabio answers no.

Pete thinks that is a political issue.

Ludo: Fabio’s position has slightly changed with his present negative to the US participation. 

Paolo, Erminia and Enrique think that Fabio’s position is radical but consistent with his previous opinions. 

Ludo: Fabio’s decision is a bad one to be taken now before knowing the result of the feasibility study.

Pete: the only route out is the technological transfer.

Thierry: NASA is now out of LiteBIRD but Paul Hertz leaves the door slightly open depending on the result of the Decadal and, if this results is prioritizing the CMB from space, the later decision on developing its own mission or contribute to LiteBIRD.  

Thierry: CNES does not agree with Fabio’s position to cut the link with the US team and proposes to continue with both options, the US team collaboration and the European study.

– Kick off of ESA studies on detectors and follow ups (Pete)

Pete: a meeting of Ludo with Sttaford expected before Easter. Open to the ESC. Identify where technical inputs are needed, mechanical, vibration loads…, and define initial links and communications among key people.

– Meeting between ESA and the Italian community interested in detectors (Francesco)

Francesco: presented the current activities in Italy led by ASI, KIDs and TESdetectors. Presented also the groups and the facilities. INFN Genova presented the TES development, CQC company as possible production site. Also tech transfer from US team was discussed. QCQ open to contribute to development, transfer from US and production, foundry is presently based in US. Giovanni for cold electronics. Gianpaolo Pisano for metamaterials. Experience in Rome on cryo design and testing. FPU overall production and testing was reviewed. Possible ESA contract for doing further studies on FPU: detectors, readout, mechanical structure, radiation coupling and testing.

Thierry: which is the TRL? Francesco: Feasibility studies will include the TRL development. ASI is not putting more money on these studies.

Ludo: can French groups be involved in these studies to be funded by ESA? Francesco: clearly French groups should be included in the studies. ESA says that KIDs is a good long term option but TES should be considered as a baseline in the short term.

– Update of our police to guarantee vote outcome

Paolo: wait for Radek’s input

– New EU LiteBIRD members 

Paolo: wait for 2 weeks since the New Members Board will not meet next week

– Gruber conference

Ludo: news from Jan next week.

– AOB: none