SC telecon 28-09-2021

Present: Paolo, Erminia, Gao, Ludo, Thierry, Matthieu, Hans Kristian, Francesco

Apologies: Enrique, Pete


– Choose a notetaker for the day

– Approval of minutes of last telecon

– Updates:

            – Detector studies, if any news

            – Final version of PO document for site

– New LB members

– SGS taskforce (if any news)

– Planning of meetings (including S2S, PO, …)


Notetaker: Paolo

Detector studies

Gao: no major updates. Stafford is writing documentation. Looking forward to Oct 6 meeting.

Erminia: Stafford would not like UKSA to participate in the Oct 6 meeting. No formal involvement from UKSA at project level. And no agency management is expected to be present at all (for CNES, ASI, ESA…). For ASI participation is expected by Angela Volpe, Elisabetta Tomasi (who have a project level involvement).

Erminia: Visit in Cardiff by new UKSA CEO (Paul Bate). Very positive attitude. Mentioned fundamental physics as priority for agency. Context was institutional (w/ government representatives, spin off companies… ) so not trivial at all to mention “your CMB satellite” as priority. We’ll see what this means.

Francesco: Italian study progressing in view of Oct 6 meeting.

Paolo: we need the final version of the PO document for uploading in the SC site. Agreed that this will be a pdf , to be maintained in sync with the version on the PO redmine. Action item on Thierry to send this.

Ludo: Rashmi to be made a member of the PO. Will talk to Pete about this.

– New LB members

All previous proposals approved by the MB. More proposals expected by the SC in near future (two postdocs from France, at least one from Italy). Carlos Hernandez Monteagudo from Spain will not likely join any soon, despite what was initially thought.

-SGS taskforce

No news. Masashi working on the draft charge. Next IGB expected for Friday.

– Planning of meetings (including S2S, PO, …)

PO meeting in Orsay on Oct 8. All PO members invited. Idea to have it in person (> 20 people) Preliminary agenda circulated by Thierry. On the redmine wiki. Will be circulated by Ludo to the JSG. Francesco: we need to have a head count about who is coming in person and who will attend remotely. Remote participation will be open to the JSG.

S2S agenda: Ludo, Masashi and others tweaked the S2S agenda. Telecon last Friday with IGB + organizing committee. A more reasonable agenda is shaping up.


Paolo: as chair of the SC would like to remind everyone that despite the present low-key level of activities (a situation common to all of LB, we are all awaiting the decadal survey outcome and consequent agency level decision) we should not forget that we should plan to go back to the governance discussion. Clarification on the SGS will come from the TF activity, but not on short timescale. The SC should re-engage in the topic in parallel. Ludo: Agrees with the global comment. Meeting in person will help to give more momentum in activities. No EU meeting organised since a while. Could be a good idea to organize a one day report of EU activities, perhaps coupled to PO meeting in presence. We will have an item in agenda next week for possible EU “meeting moments” in the near future.