SC telecon 27-07-2021

Present: Paolo, Francesco, Gao, Enrique, Radek, Pete

Apologies: Ludo, Erminia, Eiichiro, Hans Kristian, Jon


– Choose a notetaker for the day
– Approval of minutes of last telecon-


– Detector studies

– Final version of PO document

– Others?

– New LB members


Note taker: Paolo

Previous minutes of 13/07: approved. Minutes of 20/07 on site, will be discussed/approved next time.

Detector studies: Gao/Pete on UK study: final meeting expected for July 28. Pete will make sure the distribution list is widened to include Francesco. This meeting will not be the “final” step, the written report will require several weeks to materialize. We plan on discussing the outcome at the SC in late August/ early September. Francesco: Italian team will meet shortly after this meeting. No major update, things keep rolling.

New members : decision on the seven members for which we got green light from conveners

From Spain: Felice Antonio Martire, Guillermo Pascual Cisneros and Raúl González González,
From France: Philippe Rosier and Gilles Weymann-Despres
From Italy: Anto Idicherian Lonappan and Giulia Piccirilli

All approved. Paolo will send a note to the membership committee.

No action on SGS task force, waiting for the IGB to clarify its boundaries (early August?)

AOB: Radek soon to leave the SC for due rotation (accelerated by sabbatical). New French representative will be known in September