SC telecon 27-04-2021

Present: Paolo, Erminia, Francesco, Eiichiro, Radek, Ludo, Jon, Enrique, Hans Kristian
– Choose a notetaker for the day

– Approval of minutes of last telecons
Approved Apr 20. April 27 will go next week.
РDetector studies 
Meeting with UK team and Gao. Francesco, Ludo, Thierry were present. Ludo: positive feeling. Not only detector.Focal pane. Four month study. Collect and consoliate requirements. Distributed work among teams. Connection w/ US team. Favata was clear: since US does not want to share we should not consider US. But Elena Saenz (ESA) now says we need to collaborate with US. It is now clear that ESA is ok with the studies keeping in touch as long as it remains on high-level conceptual studies. ESA would agree for info exchange at the level of interfaces as long as it is free of IP involvement. Stafford stressed that it would be difficult to implement this mandate from ESA. He thinks he would not need this kind of interaction but it is ok to keep US in the loop and be open with them. Regular meeting agreed. Next meeting presumably in about a month. Paolo: Thierry OK with the meeting? Ludo: yes. Offered assistance on cold/warm electronics. Will check that. Gao: for the MHFT you need squid amplifier. Will that be produced in Italy? Francesco: no, Italy only provides the squid control box. Will talk to Giovanni Signorelli to clarify (action item to Francesco on this)
Italian studies: not much to report. Meeting of the teams involved next Friday. Internal, not with ESA.
– Other uodates?
Project papers. Attended by people nominated for this task plus Paolo, Ludo, Masashi and of course Eiichiro. Project papers not project studies. Stemming from PTEP. Example: cross-correlations will focus on PTEP content for the moment (SZ). If they want to study more cases they will need to file for a project study, but it will be a different thing and team. Paolo: Galactic astrophysics seems treated on special grounds since they are aiming at a new project study sin the beginning without apparently expanding PTEP. Ludo: in any case they will have to seek approval from IPB/IGB.
– European members in S2S organising committee
Maksym avaulable. Patricio Vielva only if in July (cannot guarantee, at the moment). All national communities: look for candidates. Otherwise SC members will do it.
Eiichiro. Shall we have a new European meeting? Ludo: important if we have updates to share. CNES review to be presented. Paolo: good occasion to present new governance if we connverge. Governance subcommittee to become active again.
Action n item on Paolo to send reminder about MHFT PO.
– Update of our police to guarantee vote outcome
Paolo: no obvious compromise between the two proposals: 1) after n rounds of 2/3 majority, start voting at 1/2+1 majority. 2) in case needed, first vote with 2/3 majority about voting with 1/2+1 majority. Proposal 1) perceived by some as shortcut to avoid agreeing. Proposal 2) does not guarantee vote outcome. How to decide? Radek: Adopt proposal 2) just for the sale of deciding between proposal 1) and 2), i.e. agree to vote at 1/2+1. Paolo: not entirely legal: we cannot use either proposal before adopting it. In any case, quorum dropped below 2/3, everything postponed.
– MHFT PO organisation: delayed to May 4. Come prepared.