SC telecon 26-10-2021

Present: Paolo, Erminia, Ludo, Thierry, Gao. Enrique, Hans Kristian, Francesco, Eiichiro, Peter, Jon, Matthieu, Erminia


Paolo takes notes

Agenda has been superseded by an urgent communication from Ludo/Thierry about an unforeseen JAXA/CNES meeting on Friday 22 to discuss a request from JAXA topo management (political level). Masaki & Masashi, plus Ludo, Thierry and O. Lamarle were in attendance.

Ludo/Thierry: The political level of JAXA has complained the lack of a definitie Schedule for LiteBIRD. They want a schedule which allows for a launch in FY 2028 (which means by March 2029) or LiteBIRD could be withdrawn from L slot. The latter option would be tragic for LiteBIRD. JAXA wants an updated schedule to be presented by November 15. This new request clearly leaves no margins for detector development in Europe.

Thierry: Launch in FY 2028 would be unfeasible even with original plan of US provided detectors. JAXA might accept a delay of order one year, which will be safer with US provided detecotrs, but certainly not three years. This scenario still jeopardizes detector plan in Europe.

Possible plan is to leave MFT focal plane to US via QUP/KEK. Still, AIV for the focal plan could go to Europe. Thierry (at Paolo’s question): CNES can pay for MFT AIV in Europe if they are discharged from the 2K AdR (which may go back to JAXA). Or they would be happy to leave AIV to another EU agency (e.g. ASI) thus keeping the 2 K AdR.

In any case, there is no clear proposal for HFT. QUP cannot finance NIST directly. Other options need to be sought: Eiichiro: Favata may at this point realize that buying detectors in an inevitable choice. Not clear what ESA mgt may think of the evolution of the scenario. Masaki from JAXA has A/I to inform Favata. No action should be taken before ESA is informed. A/I to Ludo to find out when Masaki talks to Favata.