SC telecon 25-05-2021

Present: Paolo, Francesco, Gao, Enrique, Thierry, Ludo, Radek, Jon, Eiichiro

Notetaker: Ludo

Minutes  of 11/5 call approved. Minutes of 18/5 call will be approved next week.

↳ PRODEX [Enrique]
• Negative outcome
• Blocked at first selection round at Spanish level
• PRODEX Call not well adapted to LiteBIRD since projects focused on companies, Partnerships where preferred.
• It got a score of 55/100, while 65/100 is required to be selected
⇒ Enrique will share the outcomes (in Spanish).
• Support Letter from CNES was not received in time, because of a technical issue, this has been criticised by the committee.
• Enrique will write a letter of complaint
• New PRODEX by the end of the year.
• A new call has been opened (unrelated to PRODEX):
• Not National, it is a regional call, only Canary islands & Andalusia are concerned.
• For Space projects. Funding Center is the same as for PRODEX.
• No Follow-up by ESA
• Funding up to March 2023
• This new call is intended to complement PRODEX Call
• Budget is larger (should be more than 250 KE)
• Deadline is today !!
• Same proposal with emphasis on the Electronics. Ricardo Genova Santos will be the PI of the proposal. Translated into Spanish
• They need letters of Support by today, but could a priori be uploaded in a week or so.
=> Enrique will edit previous PRODEX call support letters to adapt them
=> Enrique will circulate the proposal
• Probably same committee for PRODEX & New Call

↳ Financial Trouble at ESA [Enrique]
• Economic hole of 130 MEuros (TBC ?)
• ESA is preparing a plan to mitigate  the impact
• No new Mission? No new MoO before 2023
• stop some already started mission?
• Cancel some mission?
⇒ Asking some more money to EU partners? ⇒ impact on national Agencies
• Communication from ESA to Representatives.
• TM: Issue only for 2022. After 2023. Less would miss No new Mission before 2024
• Gao: Discussion with ESA Project officer, it seems that there are similar issues at NASA
• This week: SPC workshop Important decision at next SPC.

↳ Detectors Studies:(UK):
• Good communication with Italian team
• SRON – UC Berkeley + US Consortium (Adrian) : Meeting this Week on FDM.

↳ Detectors Studies (Italy):
• Not sent to ESA yet
• To be sent tomorrow
• Flavio Gatti talked to Adrian, on how to use See QC or include some design in the future?
• End of study: 4 months

• TM: updated the doc
• No Names in the doc for the moment
• AIT will be settled later. This is more an executive team
• In practice :
• MHFT-WG will be replaced by MHFT-PO meetings
• Kick-off soon.
• Who will chair? [Paolo]
TM: PM + Baptiste at least
• TM will circulate New Version of doc by tomorrow.

↳ Vote procedure:
• Paolo just sent on email to summarize the situation and proposal.
• The ESC approved to go for a 50/50 majority to vote on the “vote procedure”.
• 48h approval period started

↳ European Meeting:
• [Ludo] focused on the requirements Flow-Down? More a Workshop
FP: May be, only a few hours, to make a report?
• Will be discussed this Thursday at the TF telecon
• Will be discussed at DMG Wednesday next week