SC telecon 23-11-2021

Present: Frabcescom Ludo, Gao, Erminia, Hans Kristian, Ludo, Paolo

Apologies: Eiichiro, Enrique


– Choose a notetaker for the day
– Approval of minutes of last telecons

– News from agencies, if any
– Contact with ESA management
– New members (wrap-up those discussed, +Greece, 2+2 new from IT/FR )

– European meeting (Tenerife? Week 7-11 February?)

Notetaker: Paolo

Previous agenda approved 9/11, 16/11 to be discussed next time.

News from agencies: Thierry: discussed with Martin Linder. ESA did not understood that US will not be delivering integrated focal planes for MHFY. There is margin for design, integration and testing in Europe. Martin will report to ESA management. Europe will have to decide about the task haring of these new activities. Thierry: they could be done in France or UK, unsure about Italy.

Paolo: SC is still responsible for making a task sharing proposal. Ludo would like the MHFT PO leads to be part of the process. But we did not agree on governance, yet. Ludo proposes to decide just about task sharing for MHFT. Paolo is not in favor of ad hoc solutions. Francesco: technical discussion should happen in MHFT PO, then decision about task sharing proposal are taken in the SC (PO leads are well represented anyway). Enrique agrees.

Contact with ESA management: Ludo’s modified proposal approved (no PO leads). Ludo to send to Fabio Favata

New members: Juan Manuel Socuéllamos Chacón (IFCA), Jean-Louis Durand (CEA/DBST), Mario Ballardini (INAF OAS Bologna) approved. Will be sent to MB. Paolo will seek opinions for Stephane Ililc (IJC Lab, to Eiichiro), Giacomo Galloni (Rome Tor Vergata, to Eiichiro) and Alessandro Novelli (Roma Sapienza, to calib JSG), Artem Basyrov (Oslo, to Eiichiro), Nils Ole Stutzer (Oslo, to Carlo). Hans Kristian will reach out to Kostas Tassos to invite him to send proposals to the SC for new Greek members.

European meeting: Ludo & Thierry to check if PO is fine with the week of 7-11 February. Tenerife seems ok but rooms size has to be chosen depending on attendance