SC telecon 23-03-2021

LiteBIRD SC meeting minutes on 23rd March 2021

Present: Paolo, Ludo, Hans, Thierry, Eiichiro ,Erminia, Gao, FP, Enrique


– Choose a notetaker for the day
– Approval of minutes of last calls
– Updates:
– Detector studies
– Any remarks on PRODEX proposal as submitted?
– Synthetic version of minutes with ESA (Ludo)
– Update of our police to guarantee vote outcome (Radek)
– Discussion on Performance Team at last IGB
– Gruber conference

MoM is noted by Gao

Gao: The UK study will be kicked off on 29th March, where SRON is also invited. Gao  has contacted Pete to see whether he can arrange a meeting of the UK teams with SC and CNES afterwards. This action was discussed before.

FP: there  will be  a meeting between ESA and the Italian teams this Friday on detectors technology for LiteBIRD. No SC members are invited.  FP will report the outcome on the next Tuesday.

Enrique : the Prodex proposal from Spain is submitted to their funding agency on time. Ludo asked for the final version of the proposal to be distributed among the SC.

Paolo/Ludo : there will be an agencies meeting for LiteBIRD this Friday. It is the follow up discussion from the previous one. The goal is to come back on the detector technology for LietBIRD and the transfer of the technology from US to Europe. It is unclear whether this will really happen. JAXA (Masaki) is waiting for the answer from US.  Masashi. Adrian Lee, Matt Dobbs , and Ludo discussed the possibility.  Adrian Lee  will write a letter to reply the request. The current answer is likely  not “Yes” or “No”, but proposes to wait for a while. They also want to know more what happens in Europe ‘s study to know what Europe really want to transfer . Adrian Lee will first show the letter to Masashi, Ludo, Thierry.. Why need to Wait is based on:  a) prefer to produce detectors in US by themselves, even with a limited funding.  US believes there will be such  a funding for this activity; b) they also would like to know what Europe really wants to transfer.  USA is working on improving the TRL level by 2022,  by then, they have the technology to “sell” although now it is not ready. The letter will finally address to JAXA (Masaki)

Thierry :  CNES will  keep  the original plan for the phase A. CNES will make stringer specifications based on the US technology. If Europe would  provide, it should also follow the specifications. These specifications have been communicated with the UK teams already.

Thierry: Phase B in EU is said to start from June 2022 although likely not realistic . There can be one year delay if NASA committees their funding by the middle of 2022. One suggestion from Paolo is to make a more realistic schedule. Thierry seems to stick to the NASA  decision, but also wait for ESA/Europe decision. Alternative is to have the Europe option. The European option is unclear, still needs to wait for the outcome of the UK study.


Eiichiro: T0 for phase B was the end of this year . There is an issue to ask funding in Germany if T0 is postponed. DLR has money, but does not know when this should be given. The filters contributions in UK have no funding yet, mentioned by Ludo. So it is hard to start earlier, but also not to postpone  some activities, which are possible to start with, suggested by Ludo.

Erminia: there will be  a delay, should we keep this way going on?  Ludo mentioned  we have to wait for the UK study to see the option from  Europe. Ludo is worried that  the Europe option may take much longer. In the meantime, it is better not  loss US colleagues at this stage.  Erminia questioned whether it is wise to “help” US to find funding at this stage.

Paolo: there seems to be a thought that NASA may be back to support LiteBIRD. The, in which stage we should set the new baseline ?

Eiichiro : NASA  detectors are no longer the baseline, which is certain. But, should we buy from US or produce in Europe is not decided.

Paolo : Would like to see what is key reason why not allow for the technology transfer from US to Europe . A key question : can US do so?. Ludo answers :  US needs time and is hard for them to give the answer in a short notice

Updated the policy. The new one needs to be provided by Radek . Paolo will ask Radek to provide the updated one next week. Paolo will cc it to the SC team

Paolo: The conference: Paolo provided the inputs for two topics to Ludo , two topics were mentioned.

Ludo: There will be a dedicated performance meeting this Thursday evening by Ludo and Masashi, hope to reach an agreement and then present in the coming  IGB. Masashi wants to have the function, but not the taskforce, namely structure. PI does not want to involve with every discussion, but can get answer from teams ( GSG?) : No needs to have new structures?, but whenever needs, PI or the Project scientist  will ask relevant people to do. The people should respond to the requests. (Paolo and Erminia suggested so) . There is no final conclusion for.