SC telecon 23-02-2021

Participants: Paolo, Erminia, Peter, Radek, Jon, Enrique, Hans Krisitan, Francesco, Eiichiro, Gao

– Approval of minutes of previous calls and choice of notetaker for the day
– Quick update on status of PRODEX proposal
– Plan B’: follow-up to Favata’s reply.
– Newly proposed LB members
– Gruber conference
Notes taken by Erminia
  • PRODEX call
    • Progressing with the proposal and expect to share a draft for comments with collaborators who helped draft the case. Waiting for SC letter.
  • Plan B’
    • Reply from ESA and CSA, no response so far from JAXA. SPC happening today and tomorrow.
    • Favata’s email shared with Masashi, take it to IGB?
    • Hold a meeting with ESA. There is disparity of opinions within SC. Gao noted that we need to discuss readiness in Europe before answering to ESA and also discuss more what Europe could actually provide and who does that. Enrique noted that speaking with Favata/ESA means accepting now his statement that NASA is not going to commit and this needs to reach agreement this with the wider collaboration. Radek noticed that it might be a little too early to convince the global collaboration, a change seems to be happening (based also on Masashi’s email) but we need to see how long it takes to push it fully. Jon asked if we need to wait for the decadal — SC informed Jon of other email sent by Favata to SPC representatives where he says that even with decadal NASA encourages the team not wait for them. Paolo noted that ESA is already moving on their own and ESA is now asking if we want to talk about how to do it together but is willing to do it only if ESA becomes our Plan A, if we do not engage now we risk to loose this possibility. Eiichiro: maybe we can push on decoupling LFT and MHFT and convince other collaborators that in Europe we can have this funded by ESA. This will require careful integration with other aspects too (e.g., readout). There is still the possibility to end this phase with a scenario in which this is going to have a too large impact on the mission and therefore not feasible. HK: there could be some strategic attempt here from ESA to step ahead of NASA before the decadal results. Eiichiro is surprised about Favata suggestion as he usually is very conservative.
      • General consensus is to speak to IGB and also confirm the meeting with Favata on March 9th where the SC goes with a “listening attitude”.
      • Agreed to put this on the IGB agenda (Erminia will do this if Ludo is not available).
    • Radek: should we invite CNES to this meeting? We need to seek Thierry’s opinion on Favata’s email and potential participation.
    • Radek noted it might be important to keep a single point of contact. Paolo will contact Ludo (who is on holiday) and ask him to do email Favata.
    • Gao noted that the UK teams funded for feasibility studies are still lacking complete information from US.
  • New LiteBIRD members
    • Defer to next week’s the new French collaborators proposals.
    • Sent Brussels proposals to conveners, waiting for response.
  • Add topics to Tauber’s meeting
  • Governance amendement
    • Paolo proposed a revised voting description. Radek noted that he understands the need for efficiency but still would like to keep an attitude of reaching consensus. Radek will propose a revised amendment next week.