SC telecon 21-12-2021

Present: Paolo, Matt, Francesco, Enrique, Eiichiro

Apologies: Ludo, Jon, Hans Kristian


  • Choose a notetaker for the day
  • Approval of minutes of last telecons
  • News from agencies, if any
  • New members 
  • AOB

Paolo takes notes. Minutes 30/11 and 7/12 approved.

Agency news: No reply from Favata. Ludo has probably wrote personally to Martin Linder. MT reports on situation in France: Thierry visited Paris to discuss focal plane activities. Slides shown at IAS, same the PO has already seen. Full thermo-mechanical design to be done. Launch lock as well. Substantial amount of work. MT: discussion on manpower going on. IAS engineers probably interested. FP: will Bruno lead this? Undecided as far as we know.

FP about situation in Italy. Thales could in principle contribute to cost. Not charge on IT team the full cost. However on subsequent discussion this was denied. They could do the work but require full payment. This is difficult not only for the money: timing is short to set up a contract. If France and UK leave room, IT may come back on this. Other option is INFN. Vaguely investigated. IT impression is that Thierry is converging on a FR/UK option. If does does not close well we may reconsider.

PN: anything on UK v focal plane activities? MT, FP: It is clear they have no money for phase A. Trying to migrate ESA money from generic to specific for LB.

New members: Baptiste Jost: Matt to speak to Josquin about reshaping the proposal on the birefringence project paper. Jost is a last year PhD student and proposes low FTE involvement (20%). Suggestion by Matt to contact the membership board concerning the “end-of-life” date for non permanent members. Alessio Ritacco: now INAF in Cagliari observatory. Maintaining French affiliation in LiteBIRD, as well as Italian. Membership board is aware of move. Abdallah Chahadih: Calibration JSG (Tomo) OK with the project, but FTE seems low for the proposal. A/I on Matt to check with Ludo if it can raised. Italian proposal: Brinckmann (OK from Eiichiro) / Raffuzzi (OK from DMG and after this telecon OK from Syst. JSG) / Bortolami (OK from DMG). Rizzieri to FG JSG: OK from Carlo (after call).

Pasiphae proposals sent by Kostas Tassis for K. Tassis, V. Pavlidou, D. Blinov. Approval from Eiichiro: this is the correct timeframe. They will be down for approval next telecon.

No meeting in Tenerife in February. Aiming at week of April 4, back-to-back with PO (1.5 days PO first, then wider EU meeting for another 1.5). Enrique to check feasibility for that week.

Discussion on ESA call for F and M class mission. In short, does not seem for LB (F class is ESA lead and for small countries, M class has launch date in 2037).

Next telecon on January 11th