SC telecon 20-07-2021

Present: Paolo, Ludo, Francesco, Gao, Erminia, Enrique, Eiichiro, Radek



– Choose a notetaker for the day
– Approval of minutes of last telecon

– Updates: 

            – Detector studies

            – Final version of PO document

            – PO kick off meeting

– New LB members: other proposals?

– SGS task force


Note taker: Paolo

Previous minutes (July 13) approved. July 20 notes will be approved next time.

Detector study UK/SRON. On the 28 (next Wednesday, at 10 AM CEST) there will. A call with ESA. Ludo: we need to invite the MHFT PO to attend. Agreed.  

FP on Italy IT detector study. Had the meeting with ESA and the PO. Project presented. Need to converge on baseline design.  Ludo: I got an invitation from Elena. Review meeting planned for end of September, with possibility to extend. Ludo will invite Thierry and the PO. Will also forward to the Steering Committee.

Good progress on MHFT meeting. After this, weekly updates are planned. Then face-to-face meetings every two months. Next meeting planned for second week of Oct after the F2F.

New members: New application from Spain. Raúl González González. Integrated with previous ones. Paolo will send all the bunch to conveners. We plan to finalize them all next week and in case send the folder to the membershio committee.

SGS task force: discussion postponed after IGB dedicated call (foreseen in early Aug).