SC telecon 20-04-2021

Present: Paolo, Francesco, Thierry, Erminia, Enrique, Gao, Radek, Hans
Kristian, Peter, Eiichiro

Apologies: Ludo

1) Minutes from last meeting are approved


2) Meeting within Italian community (Francesco)
– Discussed possible breakdown of activities, WBS
– Exploring requirements
– Discussions with company, CQC. Looking at requirements from
Adrian and ESA.
– Question from Radek: Do discussions involve only LiteBIRD
members, or is it broader? Answer: It’s a bit broader, and
includes Padova and some others. Contact with company, linked
with University of Naples and professor there.
– Tierry: Regarding participation from other MHFT — is it possible
to have MHFT participation, or is it pure Italian? Answer: Should
involve MHFT at some level. Need to agree with ASI, but the idea
is to have as much as possible shared with MHFT. ASI may want to
keep some information reserved, negotiations are required.

3) No news to report from Gao. Meeting coming up, but has not seen
agenda yet. Action: Send email to Ludo etc. for agenda.
– Question for Peter: Any information regarding UK and CNES?
Answer: No new information. Agenda is under preparation, and will
probably be sent around.

4) Peter: No updates.


5) Project studies: A long discussion at IGB, agreed by everybody that
this is not core science proposals. Purpose is to write spin-off
papers from PTEP. Not project teams per se, as the project team is
actually the PTEP paper. Already nominated leaders will stay, but
more people will be added to add diversity and geographic
representation. Proposals should be sent to the IGB, should be done
before kickoff. Adrian mentioned some names, no information about
follow-up. Galactic astrophysics proposals are merged, and the
nominated leaders of both groups will become co-leaders of the
joint group. Goal of kickoff meeting is to organize the
activities, then let them self-organize. Eiichiro: Diversity should
not focus only on regions, but even more important, also
gender. Also focus on junior people.


6) Gruber conference SOC, summary by Paolo: Proposals are Marco,
Matthieu, Belen, Erminia and Paolo. Agreed through silence.

7) Proposed members for S2S SOC, requested by Masashi. Will probably
happen in early summer. No suggestions received by Radek
yet. Enrique: Patricio is a volunteer if it happens in July. Action
item for each national community: Search for volunteers. Decision
will be made next week.

8) New European LiteBIRD members: Five people proposed by
CEA. Engineers are approved by PLM. Tony asked by email whether 20%
FTE is too low regarding Farrens, but this is not considered
blocking. Pettorino and Starck consulted by Eiichiro and
Carlo. Eiichiro: Valeria is fine, doubts regarding Jean-Luc’s
LiteBIRD specific contributions expressed by Carlo. Wanted to see
more LiteBIRD-specific proposal. Radek: Jean-Luc leads a big group,
and there are important political implications. Erminia: Largely
political decision, cannot decline CEA, and they need scientific
involvement. Radek: Perhaps we should think about this as
onboarding procedures?

ACTION ITEM: Recommend membership for all five, and propose them to
the membership committee. Paolo will send email to Erminia, Adrian
and Masashi.

9) Update to policy for vote outcome. Postponed to next Tuesday.