SC telecon 16-11-2021

Present: Paolo, Gao, Thierry, Ludo, Erminia, Hans Kristian, Eiichiro

Apologies: Francesco, Matt, Jon


– Choose a notetaker for the day
– Approval of minutes of last telecons
– Debrief of inter-agency meeting & next steps
– New members (decision on IT+ES (1+1), 2 new from NO)

– Petition for PASIPHAE team by Aumont & Gjerlow
– European meeting (Tenerife? Week 7-11 May?)

Notetaler: Paolo

Minutes 02/11 approved. Minutes 09/11 will be approved next time.

Thierry debriefs about inter-agency meeting. Little to be added to email just sent. JAXA has a new baseline, detectors for LFT, MFT and HFT will be all provided by QUP though US. ESA acknowledged. No perception of ESA taking the news badly. Positive reaction. Margins for focal plane AIV in Europe, with ESA involved. ESA plans on bringing LiteBIRD to SPC in March. Agreement with JAXA on SVM provision is a topic.

Erminia: Stafford had a chat with ESA (Linder). Detector studies are now killed. No indication that ESA wants to pursue anything for MHFT or LiteBIRD in general.

Paolo, Francesco: ASI reported irritation on their side and ESA’s side about agreement concluded by CNES and JAXA for LiteBIRD, not informing the other European agencies. Thierry has no evidence of this. Will talk to La Marle, but is optimistic that a clarification will come.

Shall we now reach out as SC to ESA mngt? Thierry suggests we should instead bang the door of our national agencies to make sure that they lobby with ESA to pour money on LiteBIRD. Paolo: it is clear that this is what CNES would like, it is not clear that this is in the interest of the EU involvement. For instance, ASI wanted to commit for LiteBIRD phase B in the context of an ESA mission of opportunity, with possible CNES leadership. If there will be no ESA MoO, the situation becomes unclear. We have to talk to ESA as a a collaboration. The SC is the proper body to do so.

A/I on Ludo do draft email for Fabio Favata, on behalf of the SC.

РNew members: OK for Mario Ballardini (Italy). For Juan Manuel Socuéllamos Chacón (Spain) Ludo will talk to PO leads and/or Thierry. We will decide next time. Two new proposals from Norway, Nils-Ole Stutzer and Artem Basyrov. Nils will work in the FG JSG, Carlo to give opinion. Artem greenlighted by Eiichiro (Galactic PS).

-Petition for PASIPHAE team by Aumont & Gjerlow: Hans Kristian will draft & send an email to Kostas inviting them to submit a new proposal following our template.

European meeting (Tenerife? Week 7-11 May?). Tenerife and dates OK but LOC needs to know how many people. A/I on Ludo to find out with the PO.