SC telecon 14-12-2021

Present: Paolo, Francesco, Gao, Ludo, Erminia, Eiichiro, Enrique, Matt, Hans Kristian

Apologies: Jon, Thierry


– Choose a notetaker for the day

  • Approval of minutes of last telecons
  • News from agencies. Strategies towards ESA
  • Task sharing of MHFT FP design, integration, testing
  • Selection of 3-4 Europeans for IGB SGS task force
  • New members
  • European meeting (Tenerife, Week 7-11 May)

Note taker: Paolo

Minutes of previous meetings: next week we will consider approved minute from 7/12 and 30/11 unless issues are raised.

News from agencies. Strategies towards ESA: No reply from Fabio Favata, even after reminder by Ludo. Ludo in contact w/ Martin Linder. ESA did not understand that contribution to MHFT are welcome. Martin willing to pass this information to Favata. Needs a wish list. SC needs more time to consolidate this wish list. Will be done after holidays. Ludo may respond to Martin on a personal basis, to reassure hime that the issue is discussed, but no wish list can be sent to ESA before the SC approves it.

Selection of 3-4 Europeans for SGS task force. France proposes Ken Ganga, Radek Stompor, Tony Banday, Matt Tristram. Norway proposes Hans Kristian Eriksen. Italy proposes Paolo Natoli and Andrea Zacchei. Decision is Hans Kristian, Matt, Paolo. No priority ranking is given. Note added a posteriori: the day after the call, UK has proposed Mike Jones. SC decides not to modify the decision taken.

New members. From France: Arianna Rizzieri => opinion to FG JSG (Carlo). Baptist Jost => on hold, need clarification on involvement in birefringence PP. Louise Mousset => opinion to systematics and DMG. Abdallah Chahadih => to systematic and calibration JSG. From Italy: Thejs Brinckmann => OK from Eiichiro on reionization/neutrino PP. Nicolò Raffuzzi: opinion to DMG and systematic JSG. Marco Bortolami => Opinion to DMG.

European meeting: PO will NOT go to Tenerife week in February but perhaps in April/May. Given the present situation with COVID, SC agrees to postpone the Tenerife meeting to April/May.

AOB: last SC telecon of the year will be on 21 Dec, mainly for new members. First telecon of 2022: 11 January.