SC telecon 12-10-2021

Present: Paolo, Erminia, Gao, Thierry, Ludo, Hans Kristian, Eiichiro

Apologies: Enrique


– Choose a notetaker for the day

– Approval of minutes of last telecon

– Detector teams meeting with ESA

– PO meeting

– SGS taskforce 

– European meeting 


Choose a notetaker for the day: Paolo

Approval of minutes of last telecon: September 28 approved, October 5 will be evaluated next time.

– PO meeting: [Ludo] Held on Friday Oct. 8. Very useful. Peter could not attend (Rashmie did): Issue of Cardiff funding raised by Peter Ade. No funding to work on optics/filters for HWP. Not connected to TRP. A meeting will be organized in Cardiff by the end of the month. [Pete] Surprised by issue. Totally related to funding. People do want to work on LiteBIRD. The key issue is answering Thierry’s questions (vibrations etc). Discussion to be taken offline. A/I is to talk to Carole in the dedicating meeting. Meeting on specific items, not open to the all PO. Giampaolo, Francesco, Bruno, Sophie, Baptiste…

– Detector teams meeting with ESA: [Francesco] UK and IT teams presented results to ESA. members of PO and SC were present. Documentation about ready for UK. For Italy, will be done by Thales and the contract has not been signed yet. Hoping for the end of the year. Important to have Thales opinion on the study. Most critical aspect: posibility to replicate the US optical coupling for MFT. Two different tech proposed by IT. No potential provider for ARC found. Fondazione Bruno Kessler (FBK) is an option for prototyping. Turns out ESA can finance UK ma not IT for next phase of the study (apparently) for reasons of budget saturation for IT. Options explored for ASI and INFN to provide support. ASI will talk to ESA to understand the issue. Agency meeting called by JAXA (Masaki) expected for Nov. 8. CNES, ESA, ASI, UKSA all invited.

– SGS taskforce: No ex offocio member from MHFT PO (removed). European ex officio member will be Ludo as Spokesperson

– European meeting: No “EU” meeting feasible in February. Aiming ai February, not in Cardiff. Makes sense to organize it coupled with PO meeting. Will be rediscussed next time.