SC telecon 09-11-2021

Present: Ludo, Erminia, Gao, Paolo, Francesco, Eiichiro, Enrique, Pete, Erminia, Hans-Kristian, Matthieu


  • Choose a notetaker for the day
  • Approval of minutes of last telecons
  • Agencies/SPC news (see also email by Ludo) in view of inter-agency meeting
  • New members
  • Procedure to update the LiteBIRD acknowledgements
  • European meeting
  • AOB

Notetaker: Paolo

Minutes from 26/10 approved. Minutes from 02/11 reviewed, will be approved next time if no objection

Agencies/SPC news. Discussion of email by Ludo:] on SPC discussion:

It seems that Fabio Favata understands the new constraints from JAXA top level space sub-committee. He is well aware of the situation and wants to help to project to pass this step. 
Concerning the EU FP feasibility studies, it seems that Fabio will make a summary of the outcomes at the interagency meeting on November 9:
– EU FP developments seem feasible
– but delay make it not  compatible with the current JAXA schedule
– Further steps of development should be discussed soon. 

Masashi contacted Adrian and Hannes to explore the feasibility of purchasing HFT detectors to NIST through QUP. It seems theoretically feasible since this is what is already done for cold readout electronics for LFT anyway.  
In order to mitigate to overcost to KEK due to this option, Thierry offered to take in charge the LFT DPU.
This plan has been recognised as the most credible and compliant with the curent JAXA schedule, and will be the one presented at the 12th November meeting by ISAS.

Paolo: this entails a change of plans w.r.t. to what Masashi told the SC last week (i.e. no plans for HFT). Ludo: yes, because it is now understood that it is not needed to make NIST a leg of QUP in order to have NIST in the plan. The existing/forecasted contracts between Berkeley (already a QUP institute) and NIST should do.

During the round table of the SPC, a few partners mentioned their support to LiteBIRD, and Fabio suggested to discuss an ESA contribution to LiteBIRD at the SPC in June 2022. 
Ludo’s comment: This may seem quite early, but would help a lot the involvement of European partners. The objective may be to start with a simple agreement on a MoO envelop for LiteBIRD without detailed commitment, which may come later. This is by the way very encouraging about Fabio’s intention towards LiteBIRD, and future ESA’s commitment into the project. 

Ludo: this is just the plan for the November 12 JAXA sub-committee meeting. Further EU detector involvement could be folded in at a later time, by reviewing the baseline

Gao: is there a cost for purchasing detectors to NIST? Ludo, not yet, this level of detail is not needed for the JAXA sub-committee. It is important for them to know that a plan exist.

Paolo: aren’t we setting a baseline with this decision. Once baseline is out, the margins for changing it are scant. Aren’t we worried about this?

Ludo: Fabio Favata interested in EU developments. To pass the sub-committee meeting NIST is just the best option today. If there is a delay for any reason, ESA needs to be ready to get in.

Francesco: there has been a call between ESA and ASI with IT detector team invited. ESA technical not aware of evolutions but wants to keep momentum.

New members: Juan Manuel Socuéllamos Chacón proposed by Spain on PO WP (thermometry). PO leads should state an opinion to this A/I on Ludo to check with them. We will decide next time. Martio Ballardini proposed to Italya. Support to inflation PP. Eiichiro thinks this is reasonable. We will leave a week for SC to read both proposals. We aim at deciding next time.

European meeting: Possibly in Tenerife, week of Fab 7, 2022, back-to-back with PO meeting. Ludo to check about PO availability. Enrique to check the IAC LOC.