SC telecon 09/10/2019

Meeting of LiteBIRD European Steering Committee — 10/09/2019 @ 12:00 on zoom


  1. – Meetings:
    +Hands-on European Meeting in Santander 30/09 -> 02/10: draft agenda needed
    + ESA Meeting of Oct 14. See mail fwd by Ludo. Discuss attendance
    + E-CMB meeting in Paris, Ludo to send slides of LB talk
    + Others?
  2.  Updates on costing exercise
  3. New SC members: Finnish proposal from E. Keihanen. Agree on text and send
  4.  New external collaborators and proposed attendees to Santander meeting. See email from Enrique
  5. Updates on IMO, DM and JSG activities
  6. Public page to advertise LB on European site.
  7. AOB


Present: Paolo Natoli (chair), Francesco Piacentini, Enrique Martinez Gonzalez, Radek Stompor, Erminia Calabrese, Ludovic Montier, Giampaolo Pisano

Apologies: Erminia Calabrese (joined late), Eiichiro Komatsu,Jon Gundmundsson



1. Ludo to send agenda. Right after telecon. We page set up, waiting for registration. Need to know the number for lunch. Wait for registration. Add lunch information to registration.

Splinter meeting, ESTEC, + IMO (max one afternoon), DM possibly in afternoon, Calibration + Systematics (not in overlkap, if they need to merge can do it autonomously), possibly a full meeting on spin rate. Another on optics. Foregrounds.

ESA meeting on Oct. 14.

– Baptiste Mot
– Sophie Henrot-Versillé
– Lionel Duband (or any CEA representative)
– Ludovic Montier
– Nicola Vittorio
– Paolo de Bernardis
– Giampaolo Pisano
– Peter Hargrave / Erminia Calabrese

+Marco. Ludo to ask if nine people ok. If so, we may rediscuss attendance next SC telecon.
RS: hardware experts group. why Nicola? PN: Point of contact with ASI. We can review 
RS: other countries not represented, apart from France, Italy, UK. We need to ear from Eiichiro.  
Ludo cannot come to ~E-CMB meeting Radek to do LB talk at E-CMB
2. Costing: Italy ROM estimate beginning of, Marco
DPU costing already available
Would nicely fit into ESA MoO. ASI contribution is H/W. S/W could be managed by IRAP.
UK: TALKING TO WP leaders (baffle…) costing ongoing. Need to define first order what we require. Cold charectiriaziont of optical subsys. Long list of test. Need somone for cal gropu to write a simple list. Cal group should provide. GP will contact them directly.
France: CNES taking time before giving information.
Very hard to get costing information from CNES. They replied to Ludo that they discussed with ESA, and converged on an agreement. Pascal didn’t share the agreement with Ludo. She will not share information on the 14th of October. 
CNES review on Oct 7, outcome, by November. 
For CNES October 14 is too early to share information. 


RS: amount in the agreement JAXA-ESA is also unknown. Not clear if these amounts (ESA-JAXA, ESA-CNES) are merged. 


LM: at the ESTEC meeting we should get a rough estimation of the requests, and possible ESA contributions. 
LM: I don’t think that CNES is talking to ASI. 


FP: no one is willing to expose costing. 


Is our cost over the total ESA amount?


CNES will be present at the ESTEC meeting, and they will make their request directly to ESA. We have limited control on that. 
In any case we will have a better view after the ESTEC meeting. 
Germany: Baptiste can ask Frank Grupp who has the cost information for the magnetic shields. Ludo to talk to Baptiste about this.
3. Letter by Paolo is OK. 
Paolo will send it. 
4. Proposal by EMG: Participation of Javier Cubas (aeronautic engineer) to Santander meeting. Expert of the CalSat. And a student working with him. 
OK for both.  New external collaborators: 
Elena de la Hoz, Foregrounds
Patricia Diego, Systematics and calibration 
RS: update the list of external collaborators by the time of the f2f in Munich.
PN: we can have them attending the Santander meeting. For JSG, we need to wait for permission by Masashi/Lee. 
We should provide many requests at once. 
Fine with Enrique. 
Ask Masashi if this is fine with him?
Also ask timing for external collaboration. 
EC: are we reviewing everybody’s status at Munich F2F?
LM: don’t know. 
LM, From Masashi: when a partner country commits to contribute to LB, the external members become internal members. 
RS: From Masashi. The number of contributors from each country will be related to the financial contribution. 
Action on LM: write to Masashi for request of OK on attending extra people to Santander, and clarifications on procedures. 

5. IMO: Maurizio is now one of the conveener
6. Public page on Litebird EU site. No update. FP to continue coordinating the writing. Move to site (password protected area) ASAP
AOB to discuss: none.