SC telecon 09-02-2021

Minutes of the ESC 9 March 2021

Present: Paolo, Ludo, Radek, Gao, Enrique, Hans Kristian, Francesco, Eiichiro, Erminia

Apologies: Peter, Thierry

Notes taken by Enrique

  • Approval of minutes of previous calls and choice of notetaker for the day

  • Status of PRODEX proposal

    • Enrique: the representatives of the Spanish groups plus key people from the collaboration will meet on Thursday 11th at 13:00. This meeting is expected to help very much to define the scope of the PRODEX proposal, in particular to define the activities that should be proposed for the one year period of approx. June 2021-June 2022.

  • Sending Plan B’ document to agencies

  • ┬áLudo: after 2 days of grace the document can be circulated. A small sentence from Adrian is missing. Need of discussion on how to handle the document, in particular which agencies the document should be sent to.
  • Erminia: who requested the document? Ludo: ESA requested it.

  • Ludo: the document should be circulated to all the European agencies plus ESA and JAXA, maybe also CSA. NASA will not receive it.

  • Paolo: ESC should send the document to the agencies. Ask Masashi who should be sent as JAXA point of contact.

  • Ludo: For ESA we should find the point of contact, probably Fabio Favatta with Martin Linder and Shafar? in Cc.

  • Ludo: action to write the cover letter and send it together with the document as ESC Spokes Person. No need to send the cover letter to IGB. Also action to contact Masashi.

  • EU representative in LB membership committee

    • Paolo: request from Masashi of a EU representative in an e-mail sent to Paolo and Ludo. Summary of what is said in the LiteBIRD Interim Governance Policy.

    • Paolo, Radek: the point is how the representative will act in relation to take decisions individually or after previous consultation with the ESC.

    • Paolo: In principle it should be after previous consultation with the ESC but in case of urgency he/she may act individually. We need to agree in a procedure.

    • Ludo: the representative he/she asks for opinion to the ESC when needed, we should trust the person to decide when consultation is needed.

    • Paolo: Masashi in his letter suggests that it could be either the ESC chair person or the spokes person. Or Anyone else.

    • Paolo: Erminia can be a good candidate.

    • Ludo: he himself can be a natural candidate for this since the present members are the regional PIs.

    • Paolo: we have no European PI at the moment, just a spokesperson of the SC (Ludo). There are no PI level secrets that cannot be shared by the spokesperson with the SC.
    • Eiichiro: it could be good for Europe to send the message that iit s not a one man show here, contrarily to Japan and US. Welcomes figure different from Ludo.
    • Paolo: there is no quorum, we may postpone the decision for next meeting. Other candidates are not excluded yet. We will vote next time.

  • All the following points deferred:
  • Newly proposed LB members

  • Report from Gov Subcommittee

  • Issues for ongoing S2S

  • Gruber conference

  • No AOB