SC telecon 07/23/2019

Meeting of LiteBIRD European Steering Committee — 23/07/2019 @ 12:00 on zoom:


  1. Final agreement on new Chair and renewal of the SC postponed to beginning of next year (date TBD)
  2. Update of governance plan
  3.  Next European Hands-on Meeting
  4. AOB


Present: Ludovic Montier (chair), Erminia Calabrese, Paolo Natoli, Francesco Piacentini

Apologies: Radek Stompor, Eiichiro Komatsu, Enrique Martinez-Gonzalez


1. We had extra votes from Eiichiro Komatsu and Radek Stompor. Vote count is now 9 (on 11 total). All votes agree on the proposal to have Paolo Natoli as new chair and keep the spokesperson (and deputy spokesperson) until CNES and ESA make a commitment (so beginning of new year exact date TBD). Then spokesperson, deputy spokesperson and chair will be rediscussed. Proposal approved, PN is new chair. Approved to have a summer break until end of August. Next telecon is scheduled for Tuesday 27 August at 12:00. PN to make announcement and organize next telecon.

2. Done as agreed during previous telecon, nothing new to discuss.

3.  Next meeting: 30-1-2 October TBC (judging from doodle). Location Santander (priority), Ferrara as backup. LM to send email to Enrique Martinez-Gonzalez to confirm Santander (done, Santander available). Important topics to be presented/discussed at the meeting: status of IMO, organisation of ESA meeting on Oct. 14. IMO: We had a V0 ready (Sophie, Matt, Hirokazu. Maurizio). Waiting for approval (Masashi + Tadayasu). To be used for US TRL simulation, to support NASA MoO proposal. For v1, specifications/requirement need to be proposed (by team) and discussed at meeting. Discuss also engineering phase.

4. AOB: Add FP to IGB (without removing Paolo de Bernardis and Nicola Vittorio) LM send email to Masashi (done, any reply?).

IGB/Global meetings: action on EC to contact Masashi to announce dates earlier, or decide “baseline” (fixed) slots.European contribution block diagram. Add DPU to block diagram.  IT has a costing. But not in high priority as Italian contribution.

Potential ESA contribution in block diagram, but MoO content to be discussed with ESA in detail. Defining the component provided by ESA.  ESA will issue open calls.

FP: fair balance among nations. Italy has limited return from ESA. True, but ESA is firmly not interested in HWP rotation mechanism.

Review with CNES with costing should happen soon.  Hopefully costing ready by September. Participants to ESA Oct meeting: Expected 7 – 20:


+CNES (Danto)

Others? waiting for Annamarija reply.