SC telecon 07-09-2021

Present: Paolo, Ludo, Matthieu, Pete, Erminia, Eiichiro, Enrique, Francesco

Apologies: Hans Kristian, Jon


– Choose a notetaker for the day

– Outcome of UK detector study, status of IT and future plans

– Final version of PO document for site


Notetaker: Ludo

Minutes of 20/07 meeting approved. Minutes on 27/07 on site. Will be approved next time.

UK Studies outcomes: [Pete]
• Road Map to get TRL6 in 3 years
• No show-stoppers on technical side.
• No Costing estimate yet.
• 06/10 : Presentation of outcomes to ESA and CNES with those of the Italian Study.
Inviting ASI ? or UKSA ?
Any other ?
• [Paolo] is a 3 years delay acceptable from CNES point of view ?
[Thierry]: around mid next year, MHFT was expected to be started
This should be discussed with JAXA
• [Ludo] Which are the opportunities for fundings of development phase ?
ESA has no explicit commitment on fundings
[Francesco] Elena was mentioning thot ESA could support with small-size money by contracts
• [Pete] 3 years is very ambitious but realistic
• [Francesco] asked about ‘Compliance Matrix’ to Stafford .

Italian Study: [Francesco]
• In Progress.
• Weekly meetings
• Arrangement between INFN & SeeQC
• Results should be available for the meeting with ESA and CNES, on the 6th of October
• Another meeting with ESA could be organised by the end of the year to present the full report.

MHFT-PO document:
• Thierry will finalize the doc with last corrections by Francesco.
• Will be put on-line on Redmine wiki

EC Members: [Paolo]
• Marta Monelli & Vincent Pelgrim have been agreed by MB
• New proposals on-going:
– Spain: 3 persons
• Italy: 2 I Giulia Piccirilli, Anto Lonappan
• France: 2 persons
• Not sent to MB by Paolo in July because of a mailer issue . Re-sent Yesterday to MB.
• New Proposal from UK: [Pete]
– Rashmi Sudiwala:
o Cardiff team
o Permanent Contract
o 20 % dedicated to LB
o would like to contribute to Project Office.
o Supported by ESA contracts (x 3)
– Alexey Shitvov:
o UCL team
o Post-Doc (3 years) With Giorgio.
o 80 % on LiteBIRD on large Lenses
– Agreed by attending people that we can proceed with these ones asap
• HKE regrets that Finnish do no re-apply.
• No other feedback from Switzerland
• More to come soon:
+ 1 from Italy
+ 2 from France

IGB meeting:
• Make sure this is discussed with Masashi so that it will be addressed at S2S