SC telecon 05-10-2021

Present: Francesco, Paolo, Ludo, Eiichiro, Erminia, Pete, Gao, Matt, Enrique

Apologies: Jon


– Choose a notetaker for the day

– Approval of minutes of last telecon

– Detector studies: status of Oct 6 meeting 

– SGS taskforce (see draft charge by Masashi)

– Forthcoming meetings (including S2S, PO, …)


– Choose a notetaker for the day: Paolo

– Approval of minutes of last telecon: Minutes from 21/09 are approved 21/09. Minutes from 28/09 will be approved next time.

– Detector studies: status of Oct 6 meeting 

Francesco for IT study: activities moving forward. Compliance matrix is been written. Email by Elena Saenz to Flavio Gatti (and the IT team discussed). Apparently ESA expects a CNES decision. This is expected since CNES has primary responsibility on the MHFT. Nothing new here. But still the financial contribution from ESA is unclear.

Pete/Gao for UK studies: no major news. Presentation of Oct 6 is being organized. Paolo: As SC, we should all make an attempt to join.

– SGS taskforce: draft breifly presented by Masashi at last IGB. Consensus by the SC is that background and charge are agreeable. A few doubts exist on the composition and membership selection. Total number of members (including ex officio) is probably 10 (6+4) but this is not clearly stated. Also, the purpose ex officio member from the CNES (or MHFT, rather) PO is unclear as this group does not deal with SGS. Clarifications should be asked to Masashi. A/I on Ludo to do this informally. The SC notices that the timescale is very tight (perhaps on purpose). The document also mentions possibility that on request by a major stakeholder (funding or space agency) the deadline could be anticipated. The reason why this possibility is considered appears unclear.

Upcoming and future meetings: agenda for PO meeting (Friday 8, Orsay) is shown and commented. Ludo needs material for the EU updated scheduled Monday 11 at the S2S (detector studies, Spanish proposal and usual HW slides). We discussed the possibility to have a EU meeting back-to-back with the next PO meeting (early December). This could be done in Cardiff. Erminia will check whether tis is feasible.

AOB: Proposal for new member by Spain (Carlos Hernandez Monteagudo) is illustrated by Enrique and discussed. We agree to send it to systematics JSG for evaluation of the systematic oriented part. Paolo will send the proposal to Guillaume and Hirokazu. The science related activity could fall within the existing or expected project papers (e.g. spectral distortion).