SC telecon 02/04/2019


  1. New convener of the JSG-HFT;
  2. Organization of the Calibration (Sophie);
  3. AOB


SC Telecon, April the 2nd, 2019

Participants: Calabrese, de Bernardis, Gudmundsson, Henrot-Versille, Komatsu, Montier, Mot, Pisano, Vittorio

Apologies: Gao, Martinez-Gonzalez, Stompor, Wehus

  1. New convener of the JSG-HFT:
    • Masashi proposal: Baptist; Involving Bruno, Paolo, Giampaolo;
    • Ludo: organization of the work; Baptiste organize the telecon, the entire work etc.; redifine the information flow, putting these on the wiki; Baptiste coadiuvate Yutaro to organize all the work flow (?);
    • Paolo: is an adding role or is a substituting role?
    • Ludo: this role have only an organization work (?);
    • Giampaolo: the definition of convener is not this -> Erminia: the convener lead and organize the discussion (?); this is a leading role, not only a burocratic role;
    • In the LiteBIRD definition the coordinator is a convener (?)
    • Ask to Masashi the scope??
    • Nicola: we need a European Group (Bruno, Paolo, Giampaolo)
    • Ask to Masashi to specify exactly the role of the JSG Conveners
  2. Organization of the Calibration: Ludo suggested to discuss the document of Sophie, Marco and Giorgio;
    • Sophie: Proposal making with Tomo (Sophie’s slide);
  3. AOB: next European F2F -> LiteBIRD KO meeting end of June/beginning of July; there is not official information (probably in Toulouse)

Ludo prepare a draft for the next F2F meeting; share as soon as possible the information of the next KO meeting; contact Masashi for the role of the convener -> Sophie propose a list of names