SC telecon 02-03-2021

Participants: Ludo, Paolo, Erminia, Radek, Thierry, Gao, Pete, Francesco, Enrique, Eiichiro, …

Notes taken by Ludo

• Writing On-going
• Taking longer than expected
• Asking letter of support from CNES to [TM] who accepted.
• A letter of support from ESC is already drafted.
• Could it be envisaged to have readout electronics located at colder Temperature?
[TM]: this is a priori  not compatible with Heat lead + Mass constraints
[PH]. Readout electronics us usually at 300 K.
• Draft circulated by Wednesday 3 March to selected people.
• Deadline is 8th of March (next Monday)
• Complete draft sent to ESC by the end of the week.
• Letter of Support already approved by ESC. Recirculated by [EMG]. Signed by Spokesperson.

Debrief of Last IGB:
• Fabio’s Letter to ESC shared with IGB.
• Masashi shared JAXA’s position:
Since NASA’s decision on LB will come too late ⇒ LFT changed procurement Baseline
Focal Plane purchased to US
⇒ MHFT case left to Europe.
US Team should stay on board.
• [TM]: for LFT, this is a change of procurement baseline, while the technical baseline remains the same.

About ESA’s Studies on Detectors feasibility:
• [GJR]: what about a meeting between SRON + Cambridge + Cardiff + CNES ?
[PH]: He will try to convince Stafford about such a meeting.
• [PH] Note appropriate to have many people invited at the kick- Off… only formal, but shortly after it, it could be possible to have another meeting.
• [GJR]: It is important to mention that the ESC has the intention to have a follow-up meeting with UK Team just after Kick-Off.
• [PH] : ESA Study is focused on:
Technical Feasibility Resources, based on requirements already shared
What are the need in resources ? → Cost, schedule?
2- 3 months study (End of June)
• [RS]: Someone from LifeBIRD side should validate the conclusions of the Study
• [PH]: Everything will be shared with the LiteBIRD team
He will organise the meeting after the KO
He will make sure LB Team will be invited to the final review.
He will be the point of contact.
• [TM]: Is it focused on FPU or Detectors only?
[PH]: Study only on TES + feed horn + cold electronics
+ Another Study to deal with Cryo-Mecanical structure, but focused on SPICA.
[GJR] could the goals of the Study be shared with ESC?
[PH] will ask Stafford.

Agenda of Fabio’s Meeting:
•  Proposal by [PN] after discussion with the ESC:
• Agreement on the change of the procurement baseline
• Plan B’ summary (Slides to be prepared) LM + FP
• Presentation of ESA’s study
• What are ESA’s plan for the future, depending on the outcomes fo the feasibility study ?
• [RS] It is very important to keep US Team in the loop so that they don’t give-up on MHFT and focus on LFT…
[GJR] Another possibility is to use US-Design to manufacture them/test them in EU.
• [PH]: Technical Roadmap is one goal of the study (including other European partners.
• [PN] will circulate a proposal of the agenda to by sent to Fabio by [LM] before the end fo the week.

External Collaborators:
• CEA: Re-send Application [LM]
• S. Clesse approved by [EK]
• CSL Team: no answer yet from PLM-JSG + MHFT-WG
• Caterina : DMG Ok + Carlo OK
• other italian proposals: MHFT-WG  no answer yet.
• Plan is to agree in 2 weeks

Modification of Governance Rules:
[RS] working on this

Grüber Conference:
Reminder to be sent by [LM]