SC telecon 02-02-2021

Date: Feb 2, 2021

Present: Paolo Natolo, Francesco Piacentini, Eiichiro Komatsu, Enrique Martinez Gonzalez, Erminia Calabrese, Jian-Rong Gao, Ludovic Montier, Radek Stompor, Jon E. Gudmundsson, Peter Hargrave

Apologies: Thierry Maciaszek

Note taker: Jon E. Gudmundsson




  • Approval of minutes of previous calls and choice of notetaker for the day
  • Updates, including 
    • Status of PRODEX (Enrique et al)
    • Plan B’/detectors (IGB on Fri 5)
  • Newly proposed members
  • Report from Gov Subcommittee
  • Organization of S2S
  • AOB




Progress on PRODEX. 

  • EMG gives a status update on this effort.
  • EMG thanks Pete and Erminia for coordination activities. EMG is coordinating discussions with interested parties in Spain. Working to understand what are the main issues and concerns related to thermometry. Anticipate that there will be need for support from the European SC in coordinating the scope of the proposal. ESA will likely oversee and coordinate efforts. EMG also anticipates significant collaboration with groups in the UK .
  • FP: Abilitation come from spain? EMG: yes, there is a center in Spain to rubber-stamp the proposal and send to ESA. ESA will then discuss with this center in Spain and interact with people in charge. 
  • FP: is the Spanish center acting on a competitive basis? Can they turn down proposal? EMG: Yes, they may turn this down. Check also financial boundaries. PN: does the spanish center provide pre-evaluation  or just check based on budget/programmatic constraints. EMG: basically it is a real evaluation.
  • LM: is it important to have ESA’s support? EMG: Yes, it’s important that ESA is in agreement with the proposed work effort. LM: Does having support from ESA increase your chances of success? EMG: Yes. PN: Do you need a letter of support from the EU SC? Do you need a letter from Masashi? EMG: Yes, generally speaking it always helps to have a letter of support (action). PN: Would it help to have a letter from MHFT PM at CNES? LM: Yes, it would make a lot of sense. PN: TM (Thierry) is not here and we should get his opinion on this. Ludo, can you discuss this with him? LM: Yes (action). PN: EMG, can you draft the letter of support for the EU SC? EMG: Yes (action)
  • FP: It’s important to stress thermal control and temperature stability. EMG: Yes, we will coordinate with Pete. PH: Keen on coordinating. Agrees that it is important to have a study of overall temperature logging and control for MHFT.


Plan B’

  • PN: LM & FP, can you provide a status update? LM: Most of the comments are fine. FP: Need to have strategic discussion with Keith and Masashi about making clear distinctions between different instrument systems. JRG: Does Plan B’ involve significant collaboration with US colleagues on detectors? LM: We may need to take a closer look at how this collaboration is defined. JRG: What are the most critical remarks that have been made by US and Japanese colleagues regarding Plan B’ at this point? FP: Essentially what we said before, there needs to be a very clear distinction between system responsibilities. Masashi said that this is a European only document. It should not cover LFT. JRG: Is JAXA going to buy LFT detector technology if NASA drops out? Many: Yes, that is the baseline. But recently Masashi suggested that purchasing LFT detector tech from Europe is not out of the question.
  • PN: Julian Borril has reported that there might be a NASA proposal call relevant to LiteBIRD coming up in the near future. RS: Yes, these might be the non-specific data analysis grant calls that NASA sends out. 
  • EC: How does Masashi’s statement about JAXA buying LFT detectors from NASA hold given his statement about JAXA having no extra funds? LM: Suspect those funds could come from KEK.
  • PN: What do we need to do concerning Friday’s upcoming IGB? LM: We need to coordinate with US folks tomorrow so that everybody is on the same page come Friday. FP: We will review the Plan B’ doc tomorrow and then send out an email requesting comments. EC: Will write short email to Adrian Lee to ask him to look through the Plan B’ document before IGB.
  • PN: What’s the plan for the Friday IGB meeting? LM: We will ask for endorsement .
  • PN: Are all people present happy if this happens? All: No one raises a concern.


Newly proposed members

  • PN: Any news on Belgian proposal and CSL participation? LM: Proposal to have one Belgian person designated as a JSG collaborator and other group members designated as observers. Working on revising FTE definitions. Christian Lastname will send the proposal which will then be forwarded to different JSG conveners.
  • Discussion of observers. LM: Not sure if we have a list of LiteBIRD observers. We will need to coordinate with Masashi and the membership board. We should consider bringing this up during the next IGB. PN: Let’s postpone this discussion for next week’s SC meeting.


  • FP and PN: Discuss observer requests. JEG: Also has a student he wants to propose as an observer.
    • Chiocchetta (Uni FE)
    • Novelli (Sapienza) 
    • A. Molin (U. Stockholm)
  • FP: Reports on new membership proposals from Italy. Including colleagues from Bologna, Rome, Pisa, and Ferrara. PN: propose to send to working group conveners. LM: Ask for clarification on cryogenic testing in Bologna. PN: We will continue discussion of these proposals next week.


Report from Gov Subcommittee


  • PN summarizes: 
    • Minutes not yet available.
    • Ground segment discussed
    • LM presented slides, will continue
    • There is a consensus that it is ok to discuss infrastructure sharing among various European participants
    • Discussion of software and data analysis responsibilities etc ongoing. We still don’t agree if we need coordination on this aspect.
  • LM: The meeting was useful even though there’s quite a bit of work needed for convergence. 


Organization of S2S


  • PN: Has an agenda been circulated? Many: Yes, but the email was hard to find. 
  • EU update on Monday (35+5) minutes. Also SGS “philosophy” (20+5) . US update and backup (20+5). Shall Plan B discussed there? Could be done also in EU slot. Only 20+5 minutes for SGS session, no structure yet (scaring). 
  • Everyone should send comments to the organizers. 
  • FP: Ludo will you present update for EU? Slides? LM: this is manageable. Will start putting slides together. And 


Jan Tauber Planck Gruber funds => Defer


AOB: JRG: news about detectors specs? LM: Yes, Adrian is working on that. News soon. LM: important to follow rules in sharing information. If JRG needs to involve new people should be made collaborators. Or observers if involvement is “lighter”.